Why Rock?

The Minnesota aggregate and concrete industry is growing,
and the careers available are nearly limitless.

Natural resources are important to Minnesotans. There is one natural resource that is abundant in Minnesota, that lasts for centuries, and that is resilient even in the most extreme conditions. Our state is rich with aggregate resources, which are the very building blocks of society. Aggregates (rock and sand) are fundamental for nearly every type of construction and for the maintenance of nearly all infrastructure. Being Minnesotans, the people of our industry provide these building blocks with the greatest respect for our natural world.

What about Concrete?

Concrete is a man-made rock that is formed and shaped as it hardens. It’s made by binding smaller rocks and sand together with cement. Concrete is the most used material on earth, next to water. It is impossible to imagine our world without it.

From the roads you drive on to the buildings you work in, everything you touch involves aggregates and concrete. The aggregate and concrete industry needs smart, hard-working people looking to grow their careers and keep our vital industry moving forward.

Skate4Concrete is designed to bust the belief that a successful career can only be achieved by going to college. Skate4Concrete provides a place where it is easy to explore entry-level careers in concrete that set the stage where the skate community can craft their own career path.

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