Sustainability & Resilience

Our industry believes in responsible and sustainable practices designed to reduce our carbon footprint. In Minnesota, we’re committed to managing our environmental impact as an essential part of our daily operations. When mining operations are completed, reclamation techniques are used to ensure the land is restored or transformed for all kinds of purposes as directed by the community.

Thousands of acres of reclaimed mines are being enjoyed by Minnesotans who don’t even realize it. For instance, did you know Centennial Lakes in Edina was built on reclaimed land? This park is a popular gathering place for citizens for walking, biking, ice skating, and entertainment. Similarly, Town Greene in Maple Grove is a major retail, entertainment, and dining development. One would hardly know that it had once been an operating aggregate source.

In addition to sustainable business practices, we also believe in building a better world. Concrete from Minnesota plays a key role in making communities across our country stronger and safer. Because of its unique durability and strength, concrete enables us to build more durable buildings designed to resist and recover from natural disasters. From reducing the effect of climate change to providing long-lasting, durable infrastructure, concrete plays a key role in creating a more sustainable and resilient world.

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