Office Professionals

“I came into this knowing that I was going to grow.”

Our office professionals are like any other business. Finance, human resources, IT, and administrative personnel are pivotal to our success. Without these people, we grind to a halt.


Accounting, purchasing, and credit collection professionals ensure that bills get paid, payroll gets calculated correctly, and supplies are available for our teams.


Human resource professionals ensure we have the best people working at all times and that issues are resolved quickly.

Information Technology

IT professionals ensure our computer and technology systems are always functioning at 100%. The aggregate and concrete industry runs on technology and that technology needs a team behind it to ensure it’s successful.

Administrative Support

Administrative support professionals, such as Office Manager, help organize day-to-day operations and keep things moving forward. These jobs are excellent entry-level positions to learn and observe the area you’re most interested in. They also provide a unique insight into the higher-level positions that you are trying to attain.

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